Just slap some cat ears on this guy and you've got a Zanit.


Zanit was crafted from a human soul in a factory in Hades. He was notified that his past life was worthless or criminal, and he must work off his sins as a lowly Prinny, which is a penguin-like creature with peg legs. He was sent to Celestia to become the servant of some unknown angelic master, but, during a trip to gather groceries, he stumbled upon Xanit's portal to heaven and appeared in Koniki's clearing. So far, no one's come to find him. Maybe he got off easy?


Zanit looks like someone made a penguin out of blue and white skins, patched together at the belly. He has big, simple eyes and a beak. His legs are just peg legs. He also has cat ears, which isn't normal for Prinnies.


Zanit isn't too intelligent, and can crack a couple jokes, but his time as a servant has made him wary of others' points of view. He's careful and doesn't think too highly of himself. Really, he tries to be quite kindhearted and selfless, but I dunno if that's part of his nature, or what he believes he's expected to do.

Zanit developed a habit of adding "dood" to most of his sentences during his Prinny training in Hades.


Zanit will cause an explosion when thrown, a property of all Prinnies.

Zanit has a fanny pack of holding, which can spawn mundane weaponry such as knives and bombs. That doesn't mean he's particularly skilled in wielding them.

Zanit has been known to unconsciously and subtly cause chaos when agitated in some way. This hasn't been fully explored, but he managed to change the insides of an apple into the insides of an egg, once, when he was practicing magic.