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So this is a page about Xanit. The character, not the player. Get it right!


Xanit either lived somewhere else at one point, or always lived in Koniki. Either way, he probably has parents? Actually, I bet I could do that awful cliche where the dumb guy ends up actually royalty when we find out about his family. Yeah, let's assume that's the case! I think he had siblings at one point? I dunno.


Xanit's a catboy, which means that he's basically a normal human, except he has cat ears and a tail. He's young, around 12-14 years old, has light skin, medium-short black hair, and green eyes, as most of my characters do, for some reason. He always wears the same outfit -- an open, black overshirt with long sleeves, a red shirt under that, and blue jeans. His shoes are made out of, like, freakin iron, man.

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Ah, there we go. Personality.Edit

Quirky little dude. He's kinda detached from reality, and tends to break the fourth wall. He's emotional, expressive and generally happy-go-lucky, almost literally. Friendly, too. Makes nicknames for everyone he can, and almost refuses to call them their real name, even in serious situations. Speaking of serious situations, it's hard to get him to take things seriously. He believes everything will turn out all right in the end, so long as everyone sticks together as friends.


Can break the fourth wall. The laws of physics tend to bend when he's involved, really. He can do almost anything if he thinks it'll make for a good joke. Sometimes he adheres to video game logic, just for the hell of it.

He's also a decent inventor of nonsensical devices and inane equipment. For instance, a beam saber shaped like a watermelon that fires seeds made of dark energy. One time he put a card into a pair of sunglasses to make x-ray glasses that only see through people's clothes. I think he made fingerless gloves that have compartments with giant drills in them. Also, a grappling hook launcher that also creates an interdimensional portal in front of the hook, so it can latch onto something even when there's nothing there, enabling him a limited flight.

He can almost use magic, but it always ends up wrong, like summoning giant sliced mushrooms to fall on an enemy, or turning an apple's insides into an egg's insides, so he doesn't really use it much.

He can also turn into a little black cat. I guess that's good for camouflage and hiding in plain sight.