HUMAN FORM: In his human form, Vincent is 5'4" and looks like a 16-year-old boy with shaggy black hair. He typically wears jeans and a black t-shirt, and a silver bullet on a chain around his neck. He has a number of scars, the worst of which is a set of claw marks across his face.

WOLF FORM: His fur is as black as his hair in his human form, though his scars are hidden in this form. He's small, but strong and especially fast. Given his past, he doesn't know much about hunting or tracking, but he knows enough to get by. He typically sleeps in this form as well, even if he falls asleep in his human form.

He hates talking or even thinking about his past, but no matter how angry he is a mention of his mother or sister is a surefire way to calm him down...or piss him off even more, depending on the context. He regards Dante and Terra as his 'pack' or family, and will protect them with his last breath. And even though he doesn't live with them anymore, he feels the same way over his sister and mother.


Vincent was the second pup in a litter of two that Tsipporah - a two-tailed white wolf - had. His father had been killed by poachers before he was born. His sister, Aumbriella - or Aum - is a white wolf like his mother, but Vincent was born with black fur. He was kidnapped when they were still very young, and corrupted by the same poachers that killed his father, who intended to use him against his family. Their plot worked to an extent, as he managed to get them captured...but they escaped, taking Vincent with them.

Realizing his mistakes, Vincent left the pack, feeling completely ashamed and filled with guilt. He felt that he didn't deserve the pack because of what he'd done, and as a result lived on his own for a time. Eventually, though, he found Dante again in the city, and requested his help with some poachers that were after him, thinking he was a werewolf. Dante took him in, allowing him to stay in one of his apartments, and eventually Vincent saw him as his family. At one point he was also saved by Terra, who he came to accept as another member of his strange 'pack', and allowed him to stay in the apartment with him...perhaps because the young wolf was already feeling very lonely, but didn't want to admit it.