Dante's InfernoEdit

The largest bar in South City, The Inferno was first build in the Warehouse District when Dante moved there. After an assault from interdimensional police (led by Dante's former lieutenant, Requiem), Dante relocated the building and added two new levels. Another attack, this time from a different enemy, left the bar in ruins. After a brief depression, Dante built a third bar, this time in the Diamond District, not too far from where Astaroth invaded the city.

The First Inferno

The first Inferno, located just inside the Warehouse District, across from the Diamond District, looked like a warehouse on the outside, but the inside had been converted into a very stylish bar. It was during this period that Dante would assist Valencia and Conall in breaking their bond by sacrificing an innocent. Their magical link broken, Valencia and Conall were free to separate, but both decided to stick together as they had become family. Dante and Valencia had entered a relationship by this time.

The Second InfernoEdit

The second Inferno featured new levels to add a little variety to the establishment. The second level had a more lounge-type atmosphere and was originally used for Valencia and her demon friends to party away from the mortals on the floor level. However, when Valencia's demonic powers were taken, Dante converted the area into a living space for Conall and, later, Alicia. The third level was a master suite for the then-engaged Dante and Valencia. It was also Tana's first home when she was born.

The Third InfernoEdit

With the destruction of the second bar, Dante fell into depression that stemmed from several outside sources. However, when he was finally convinced to snap out of it, he built a third Inferno, this one also at three levels. The ground level was the bar, the second offices for Dante and Conall (the latter of whom was the owner and operator on paper) and the third a training and research floor used mostly for Conall's studies into demonology. The residences were moved to an apartment building a block away, owned solely by Dante and with plenty of extra apartments for friends who needed them. He jokingly calls the apartments "The Inn Part Two."