General InformationEdit

  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Appearance: Her hair is cut very short, straight, and purple. Her eyes are similarly purple. She is very thin, almost a walking skeleton though not disgustingly so, and she typically wears scruffy jeans and black tank-tops, usually featuring skeletons, skulls, etc. She can grow and control bones outside of her body, using them to form weapons or even covering herself with armor.


Before Faust captured and experimented on her, Skelly was a cop named Amber. She was engaged, had a good position on the force, a place of her own...but that was her old life. As she sees it, Amber is dead, killed by Faust. The life she had, the person she was, is no more.

She was a part of Faust's crew for the beginning of her new life, doing her duty to protect Pipsqueak and do whatever Faust told her. But then, one day while she was tailing Pipsqueak to keep an eye on him, they stumbled upon Captain's hideout. Skelly fought with the reploid, giving Pip the chance he needed to escape, but at a cost: she was wounded and captured, bound so she couldn't attack Captain when she woke up. She was given an opportunity after a long discussion, a chance to regain her freedom. She took the chance, and with some help from Galatea the devices keeping her under Faust's control were destroyed. She escaped from Faust's lair, taking another captive with her, losing her arm in the process. But a fake one formed out of bone, which she seemed alright with; after all, it's better than nothing.

After Faust released chaos in the city, she managed to convince Traumoult to escape with her, the two eventually going to the inn in the forest to get a fresh start. It was a challenge, but with a little work and more than a few displays that they weren't, in fact, under Faust's control any longer, they could begin to call it home...