Shad'Rak (exact breed and color)


Reiss' Pet Horse


Shad'Rak is a heavy draft horse of the Gypsy Vanner breed. He stands at 19.2hh (6.5ft/75in.) at the sholder, feathered wings, and a horn (alicorn).

Shad'Rak is a buckskin stallion, his coat being a shimmery gold with a black mane and tail. His feet are kept at a full feather, and his legs and hooves are black (except for one white foot on his back left foot).

See image for exact color description (and horse for that fact)


Shad'Rak is extremely untrusting of others, only allowing his owner (Reiss) to ride him. He will only allow others to touch him if given the command, and he will become violent towards anyone he perceives to be up to no good. This is based on his past, where he was produced and forced into a breeding program to create large horses for difficult labor.


Shad'Rak has a few abilites. Besides his uncanny strength, he can communicate with and understand various languages (including speaking to other animals), use various small magic, fly, and determine if someone has negative or positive intentions.