"If there is any way I could help, please, tell me."


Demon/Sin Lord




175 cm / 5'9"





It all began with an old vampire/cubi, Raynor Devante. After years of spreading his evil in the world, he was eventually killed off for good, ridding the world of the evil that terrorized it for centuries, if not Millenia.

Unsurprisingly, he went to hell. However, he did not end up as yet another helpless soul there. His rage, his anger, his unending fury and evil were so great that he resisted being stripped of his powers and instead changed, becoming a demon himself when he fought, defeated and devoured the Sin Lord Wrath, on whose lands he ended up when coming to Hell.

The new Wrath waged a war against the other sin lord, eventually reigning supreme. In this universe, Lucifer had been gone for a while, nobody knew why and how. Wrath took his place and assigned his lieutenants as the new Sin Lords of all sing but Wrath, as he remained on his post.

However, during the change into Wrath, the little good that remained in Raynor couldn't stand it and escaped, forming a separate entity - Serenity.

The GetawayEdit

Serenity, being much weaker than Wrath and without even a hint of his ruthless nature, quickly escaped to the deepest circles of hell, where she spent several years in hiding. However, Wrath was not planning on simply letting her go. Only together they could have ultimate power, so he was planning on devouring her. He sent search parties all over hell, finally locating her. However, he did not count on just how much she wanted to have no part in his plans and, well, survive. Using all her strength, she started opening portals by sheer instinct, going from one world to another without stopping, completely losing track of where she was going and making it impossible to follow her.

Arrival in KonikiEdit

The portal run eventually brought Serenity to Koniki in the middle of a cold winter. Only ever knowing the intense heat of hell, she was unprepared for this and thus had to wear pretty ridiculously warm clothes until she got used to it.

At the beginning she was extremely shy, thinking everyone would hate her for how she looks, for being a demon, e.t.c. This, however, changed pretty quickly when the clearing's denizens turned out to be quite tolerant, helpful and nice. Initially, she always wore a face cloak to hide her face, but she eventually stopped doing that, since nobody really had a problem with her face.

The HealerEdit

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