Reploid - Fox






  • Height: 3'6"
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Reploid - Fox
  • Appearance: She is an anthro fox reploid with rather large ears, and one eye has no pupil - it is primarily used for scanning. She actually has real fur, which is quite soft, and might deceive others to think she's not a reploid. When her 'fur' stands on end, it reveals electric discharge chambers that can deal a devistating amount of electricity within a 20-foot radius around her. Generally this happens if she's spooked or angry. Typically she's rather shy and has a hard time trusting others. She spooks fairly easily, but once she's familiar with someone she can be very friendly; she finds it easier to get along with children rather than adults.


She doesn't remember her past thanks to an accident, nor did she remember her real name (Rua was a name given to her by one of the Inn's residents). She was scared off from the inn at one point, running through the forest and all the way to South City, where she was lost for a bit before being found by the resident who named her. He assured her that everything at the inn was really alright, but she was reluctant to return just yet and stayed behind in the city for a while, eventually being found by Alec. She stayed with him for a bit, helping him with his work in return.

Thanks to an incident involving Faust and Pipsqueak, she was infected with the Maverick virus. This caused her to attack, and nearly kill, Alec and Alex. Alec managed to disable part of the virus before passing out, which allowed her enough concius thought to realize what she had done, though she was barely able to control herself all the same. She ran, then, to keep herself from killing him, managing to make a call to Kikari to get him to help his father. In the forest she was captured and treated for the virus. There is one small, nearly unnoticeable part of it that remains, though: when she's alone, she sees her attacks over and over again, and often has illusions of those she attacked surrounding her, blaming her for everything. Including the people she killed in the past that she doesn't remember doing so to.