General InformationEdit

  • Age: 14 yrs.
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Appearance: Her hair is white and falls just past her shoulder blades. In her human form she still has her cat ears and tail; her left ear is torn thanks to a fight she got in when she was in a gang. Her eyes are yellow with slit pupils


Rachel was found by Shadow, the leader of the Phantom Gang, when she was just a few months old. He took her in and raised her, teaching her how to pick pockets as soon as she could walk. When they discovered her ability to go through walls and turn invisible, they started calling her 'Ghost'. When she was older, Shadow would take control of her, using her to assassinate people. Ordinarily, this task wouldn't be given to someone of her age, but given her abilities the gang took advantage of this. She could be in and out of a heavily guarded facility, and nobody would ever know she'd been there.

When she was twelve she was found by Alriik the Younger, right after she'd been in a fight with Shadow. She had been kicked out temporarily from the gang, so she could 'rethink' her opinion on assassinating people. Alriik gave her a home, food, and clothing, ensuring that she would never again need to return to the gang. Shadow, however, tried several times to steal her back, eventually resulting in the leader's death. There was an accident, however, and his soul was trapped within Rachel. For some time afterwards, the two fought for control of Rachel's body, until finally Rachel managed to win. Still, sometimes Shadow resurfaces, forcing Rachel to kill or steal.*

Rachel developed the ability to summon and control fire - her own fire is blue - and can use this to craft incredibly ornate and detailed statues of metal and gem stones. She even has a cave hideout in the forest that she uses as a workshop, creating numbers of statues that she either keeps or sells, easily able to find materials throughout the forest thanks to random vehicles and aircraft crashing through dimensions.

  • After a battle in the sewers of South City, at the Phantom Gang's hideout, Shadow was destroyed for good, finally freeing Rachel from his control.


  • Summon/control of fire
  • Invisibility
  • Shadow-walking Shadow is no longer connected to her
  • Cat form