What is it?Edit

The pet shop is a shop that used to sell and buy animals and related items. It ties together the Clearing and South City through an elevator that can travel to the Inn's living room.

Though Kikari was considered to be the owner and has treated as such, the shop was owned and taken care of by Sepia for a long time. Now, however, the shop is abandoned and empty.




The pet shop was originally built by Dante after Kikari ended up rescuing dozens of animals from a different, burning pet store. He couldn't take care of them all, and thus the location was built as a sort of gift.

Kikari grew depressed that the job kept him from his friends and family, and thus he hired Sepia. After an attempted murder, Astro also begun to help out as a worker and guardian for Sepia, though more death threats and attacks followed.

The pets were moved to the back room to minimize the risk of getting harmed during any further attacks. To try and make up for the trauma he'd been forced to endure, Kikari gave ownership of the shop to Sepia and provided him a large bear as a guard. However, after Faust attacked the shop searching for a subordinate, the bear was put out of commission and most of the animals were phased out of stock as the area was deemed too dangerous.

Sepia has since moved away from the city, taking any remaining animals along and leaving the shop abandoned. It still holds whatever stock it had when it was left, but nobody is ever there anymore.