A creation of [REDACTED], they have lost their sense of self to him, but have been given great strength. They come in many forms, but all have been twisted and changed from their original selves.

Known Olympians:

Chaos- [REDACTED]'s first creation, transformed from a Yeti that lived on the mountain near the Clearing. He was transformed into a massive masked monster, his beast-like features accentuated, yet, his very face removed and sealed behind a metal mask. He attacked the clearing once before being freed of his mind control, returning to the mountain to free his family.

Cronus: The Yeti's firstborn son, transformed from a creature of the snow to that of the air. Had beautiful, black wings and weilded a spear that controlled wind, however, also had his face and personality removed. This one did not fair so well, and was killed by Zakk Shiro following an attack on the clearing.



Zeus: Alan Richards

Hades: Rage The Dog


Hermes: [REDACTED]