Mickey Travers is an ordinary human placed in an odd, odd world. Hailing from an alternate dimension where vampites haunt the nights, Mickey sought to lessen the hold the creatures of the night had on his world. However, sometimes you have to do what it takes in order to survive.


A man in his mid-20s, medium muscular build. He is 5’11, with dark brown, medium length hair, usually tied up in a ponytail. His usual attire consists of a thick, black leather jacket, a plain white T-shirt, rather basic jeans, and black sneakers. He is almost always seen smoking a cigarette, unless he is inside or out of smokes. His eyes are a dark green, with one eye a bit more bloodshot than the other. His body has taken a collection of scars, most unnoticeable or small.


Mickey has not divulged much of his past, but what we know is this: He was a vampire hunter, he lived in Detroit at one time, and he owed a few people money. Mickey appeared in the Forest during a battle with a group of vampires. As one attempted a teleportation spell, Mickey disrupted it with a baseball bat, and the two appeared in Koniki. Their battle was a short one after that, Mickey having crushed the vampire’s head in, and stabbing it in the heart. Mickey was lead back to the Clearing by Leo, where he has attempted to acclimate to.


Mickey seems kind, if not vulgar, and willing to chat to anyone, as long as it’s not about himself. Mickey enjoys talking to others, and learning more about the nexus he has arrived in. He enjoys classic horror novels, having taught himself how to read with the original ‘Dracula’ novel. However, not all of his stories match up at times, and it seems he’s lying about quite a few things. He seems benign, but there’s something here that doesn’t match up. He is also very, very racist against vampires.


Mickey is more intelligent than he leads on, having taught himself quite a bit, including reading, how to maintain and even build multiple vehicles. He also has the ability to play a guitar competently, though only a few songs. He is competent in combat, having quick reflexes, a good amount of experience, and a quick wit. He  is also extremely strong willed, and though he has no superhuman talents, he can pull of near-superhuman feats using only his indomitable will, and his highly trained body.