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General InformationEdit

  • Appearance: She has waist-length black hair that shimmers in the light, with feathered wings of a matching color. Her eyes are completely sapphire-blue with white pupils that are somewhat starlike in appearance. She is thin, but not overly so, and has a tan complexion from being out in the sun all the time. Also, true to her name, her voice has a somewhat musical quality to it and can be quite soothing to hear, especially when she is actually singing.


Melody once lived in a world similar to the one portrayed in Inkheart, and is a spirit of nature. Specifically, she is a guide to birds, helping them survive and to find their way when they migrate in the winter and spring. Her age is unknown, though her kind can live for centuries if they aren't killed.

Just before she would have guided the flock in her charge to warmer lands for the winter, she was caught by a mysterious figure that she and the others like her called 'The Raven'. He stole her away from her people and put her in a box that bound her powers, preventing her from escaping, with the intention of eating her later. It was probably by accident that he arrived at the inn, though he went inside to get some seasonings to cook her with. Thanks to this error in judgement Melody was found and rescued, and the Raven had no choice but to escape without his catch...for now.

Since she was without her clothes or weapons Syriana gave her clothes and a tiny gun that was her size, and Dante gave her a body suit with built-in blades in the arms. Damien managed to convince Syr to allow Melody to use her doll house [mansion], which she now also shares with the second small-sized resident of the inn: Barney. Though she has escaped being eaten by the Raven, she remains wary of his return and makes sure to keep herself as ready as possible.

Recently, The Raven attacked again, and stole her voice, attempting to steal her in silence. While he was unsuccessful in taking her from the Inn, he did find someone else to influence as a distraction: he freed Shadow from his bindings within Rachel, giving the fiend full control over her.


  • Animal communication
  • Promoting calming emotions
  • Phasing into natural surroundings
  • Natural (earth) magic