Welcome to Marcellia's Fanfic Corner, home of perhaps one of the most nefarious creatures you will ever meet!

She sincerely hopes you enjoy the tales below, written for leisure about the wondrous Koniki universe.

Feel free to leave requests in the comments section, whether for a cameo appearance or to have a personalized story just for you.

Seeing Crimson - A story about everybody's two favorite Reploids!  (Warning: Slight gore, potential sads.)

Secrets in Carmine - When the blundering necromancer's demoness companion realizes her love for him, what can anyone expect? (Genre: Romance, Warnings: Potential sads.)

Soac's Story (tbd) - Under construction.

Secrets in Green (tbd) - Same necromancer, but different lover.  Let's get the rollercoaster started... (Romance/Comedy)