Located on the eastern portion of Koniki, the city of Lex Aeona is known for its overabundance of magical energy or "mana." While most of its buildings are situated on the edge of Koniki itself, many are built on masses of floating stone held aloft by ancient enchantments. Titanic chains ensure that the islands do not float too far from the coast, and can be heard jingling and clanging together on windy days.

Technology commonly malfunctions within the vicinity of Lex Aeona. At the edge of the floating islands, even the simplest electronics fail spectacularly due to the uncontrolled ambient magic. 


Bizarre Bazaar - An open air market situated on one of the main floating landmasses. For the right price, anything can be found or enchanted.

Undercliff - Burrowed into the side of the stony cliff is housing for the city's underclass, with their hovels facing outward towards the open air. The vast honeycomb of tunnels look out onto the floating islands, and many of them only see sunlight for one or two hours every day. 

Arcane Sepulchre - Built within the hollowed-out center of a floating stone island, this is where the Coven makes their home. Its structure is warded and fortified to protect its contents, which are the most dangerous and powerful magical artifacts on Koniki. Few are allowed access, and even fewer are allowed to see what is contained within.


Tasked with ruling over Lex Aeona is a trio of elders known only as "The Coven." It is rumored that their magical capabilities could lay waste to whole armies if they were ever to take the field of battle.