"When you've lost everything that matters to you...roaming the skies doesn't seem like a bad idea."







General InformationEdit

  • Appearance: He has tanned, weather-beaten skin and a muscular build. His hair is shoulder-length and black, and his eyes are a piercing blue. He wears steampunk-type clothing, and always carries a few clockwork spiders in his pockets.


At one point, Leo had a family. He had a wife, and an infant daughter. He only left them when he had to take shipments of things to other continents or worlds, or if he had to take passengers there as well. When his daughter was two years old, though, he took them on an assignment with him. He regretted ever thinking to do that, as they were attacked by pirates. The rogues slaughtered his wife and child, and in the fight he was cursed to be a werewolf. He vowed to avenge his family's death, even if it killed him.

He began to take on more dangerous assignments in hopes of catching the pirates that killed his family and cursed him. It was on one of these assignments that he crash-landed into the clearing, his ship nearly destroyed. He was pulled from the wreckage by Fyzen, his cyborg dragon, and was helped by a few residents of the inn. It took him a few months to repair his ship, during which time he grew to know a few of the residents. He was closest of all to Heart, who he began to see as his mate after a time.


  • Increased speed, strength, stamina, and healing
  • Wolf form
  • Increased senses in human form