"There is nothing to fear; Konai is always watching..."







Time Period:


Animal Form:

Red-Tailed Hawk

General InformationEdit

  • Appearance: Her hair is sleek black and nearly reaches her waist, and her skin has that bronze tan look that is granted to those accustomed to the outdoors. She wears traditional soft leather boots and dresses; she keeps a dagger hidden in her boot and a pouch of medicinal herbs at her side in a pouch. On her left forearm she has a tattoo, identifying her as the chief's wife of her tribe.


Lenmana was the chief's wife in her tribe in what is now known as Canada in North America. She had two sons, who would be warriors in her tribe, and thanks to her mother being the tribe healer she knows quite a bit about healing. She used to be very different than she is today, having no respect for the land and the life contained within it. Konai, her tribe's spirit - a great and ancient bear - put her into the form of a hawk, to teach her a lesson. When she had learned, he allowed her to change back, but blessed her by allowing her to keep that form to change to at will. It was then that her name was changed from Hunarok to Lenmana: bird woman.

In her time, men from Europe had only just started arriving from across the sea, beginning to trap animals for sport and profit, and cut down trees. She, along with the wolf pack roaming the forest near her tribe's village, was responsible for sabotaging quite a number of efforts from the 'white man', trying to get them to leave when peaceful talk wasn't enough.

Quite suddenly, Lenmana found herself in the Koniki forest. It wasn't until she found the Shka wolf pack and spoke to the alpha male that she discovered she had narrowly escaped death: her tribe had been killed by an avalanche. With no family and no tribe, Len had no choice but to perform the sacred rites of mourning and move on.

She tends to stay away from the inn, wary of that place, but will occasionally visit the clearing. She even visited South City at one point, and when she was attacked in an alley she met Ace. He took her back to his ship, as she was injured, and helped with her wounds. Ever since, the two have grown closer in friendship, and perhaps something more...

Lenmana has come to Ace's aid a number of times, though due to her being far behind his time she has lost her right arm and left leg. She was able to get replacements for these limbs, but they still serve to remind her just how vastly her world had changed in the centuries between her time and his.


  • Can change into a red-tailed hawk at will
  • Telepathy (only when in hawk form)
  • Healing - herb-based
  • Spirit communication