Lailah, as she is quick to tell anyone she is introduced to, is an angel of the Lord. In her natural form she is five and a half feet tall, androgynous, and has wide feathered wings capable of carrying her body aloft. While her clothing varies, she is always seen wearing a silvery piece of metal around her neck on a leather thong.


All that is known is that she was cast out of Heaven in her home dimension over a disagreement concerning her duties.


Having assumed the guise of a human, Lailah is currently somewhere in South City attempting to learn about humans by living among them.

The pendant worn around her neck is capable of changing shape to become a sword of the same material. Her strength remains untested, but assuming she is truthful concerning her origins it is most likely nothing to scoff at.


Lailah is an angel, still in possession of her grace and powers.

As such, in the course of fulfilling her purpose she is INDESTRUCTIBLE and UNBEATABLE.

When outside her divine mandate, things are not so definite.

So if you choose to stand against her while she is in the right, YOU WILL LOSE.

Choosing to combat her anyway will be taken as a sign that you are seeking to be bested, and such will result.