Welcome to the Koniki Wiki

A Wiki based on a RP ran by the Koniki Forest community. We have been around for 7 years and we continue to grow. We are located on the Darkmyst server at

This Wiki shall hold important information on characters, places, races, and the many many things that occur within the #Forest RP.

For instruction go to this page How to Make your Page


Please take a look at the FAQ and Character pages to help familiarize yourself with the world and it's players.

General FAQ




Resident Listing


Moved the "Newcomers" section to the top where it's easier to find. Added a "races" category. Also added "major characters" and "minor characters" categories, feel free to apply to your own character sections. -CC

Need to Do


The Hangar

Dante's Bunker

The Inferno

Latest activity

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