Jacob Deschain was the first child of Roland Deschain and his mother. He is the oldest and also the only boy, his other two siblings being sisters. He was taken from the age of five years old, as is custom, and raised to be a Gunslinger. He was raised by Roland Deschain to be his heir, but was reportedly killed (Though years later it was revealed he simply went into hiding) during a massive battle between two giant sections of Meta-Humans.

Years after his reported death he returned from the dead, harassing his sister, Syriana Deschain and attempting to seize his family estate from her. Being just a slightly better, and more cunning, fighter than her they engaged in several battles over the period of a month, with Jacob coming out on top and nullifying her powers time and again. He was finally bested when Syriana decided that she needed assistance, and allowed her daughter to help her fight the Meta-Human. After the battle Syriana took his guns from him and had Dante banish him to a pocket dimension.


Ability Nullification: Jacob Deschain has the power to nullify the powers of other Meta-Humans almost completely. A level 5 Meta-Human ((The highest level possible)) well trained with their abilities can overcome him, however. Other people using abilities such as magic will also find it difficult to conjure mana or other energies in his presence. This area of effect naturally has about a 50 yard range, but can be extended if he concentrates on it.

Jacob is also a highly trained and efficient Gunslinger and Bounty Hunter. Trained even to higher peaks than his sister in tracking, gun fighting, and physcial endurance.


.45 Calibur Revolver: Much like Syriana, he has his own custom made Deschain revolver. This one is functionally the same as hers, but looks different, being gunmetal black rather than shiny, and with black ivory handles. He still has intricate roses carved into the barrel just like she does.