The Elven Warrior

Name: Kikari

Age: 20

Height: 5'7

Weight: 120 lbs

Race: Elf

No information


First appearing to the group in a ball of fire in the clearing outside of the inn, in very expensive and beautiful garb which she quickly sold of and obtained some local garb to blend in with the community. Little is known about her origins, she is supposedly known to be the first child in her home's royal family. She tends to act bit of a childish tomboy, she has fled her home in search to live a normal life away from the throne. She is always kind to those around her, and rarely brings attention to herself.

She is often but not always seen with her 'guardian' owl blue a miniature white owl approximately 1ft tall.


She is typically found wearing some kind of intricate handcrafted outfit, rarely could be considered fine clothing. Usually localy bought garb with little trinkets to give it a personal touch. Irah will always be seen with her bow, an ancient passed on, hand carved recurve bow with no physical form of a string only she or some one from her race can weild it properly.


A spunky girl who can be a nice little lady when she wants to. She was training for the royal army before fleeing. Novice fighter at best but can surely fend off the average street thug or two.


He race has the ability to manuplate the energy around them, her main source of energy is take directly from and to nature around her. Doesnt know much in the ways of her ability but can craft simple but effective arrows that can be used with her bow. She has studied in the ways of earthly energy use, and can use simple 'magic' techniques to heal and manipulate the flora around her.

Her abilities are weekly trained but can confidentaly handle her sacred bow, and grow a bunch of flowers to make someone have a better day.