Making a Character PageEdit

to start you may wish to make an infobox much like this one --->




To do so you can simply click the info box button on the right column and fill out what you wish for. In order to add a picture to an infobox you must first upload an image to the Wiki either by the contribute page or the right panel. in order to link to the picture it must have a format such as File:picture.jpeg you do not need the full HTML link.

If you wish to get a table of Contents up you must use a TOC tag like this one __TOC__ and to use it you must create the sections via heading tags like this one ==Heading== and in order to create sub chapters you just use another heading while within the same section ===Heading===

You should get something resembling this below





And lastly in order to add your character to the character category please use this tag [[Category:Characters]] as for the many subcategories you see on that page simply make a new page with this as a title Category:YourName's and switch to source mode and copy and paste this into the space

<!-- provide a good description for the subcategory, for both authors and readers --><br />This Page is to cover YourName's Characters<br />[[Category:Characters]][[Category:YourName's| ]]<br /><br /><!-- this final category tag is so this subcategory page itself will be categorized -->

And do not forget to add this page into the character category with the tag from before.