While he was alive, Pluto was one of the original settlers of the Ahratian kingdom. Fighting alongside Duoboris and Natules Ahrate against the Dousboron Clan for dominance in the greater plains territory, which later became the grounds for the kingdom. Pluto was to date one of the best magic users in the history of their existence. He specialized in dark magic and distortion, making himself a definite tide changer in the war of the plains. He grew to be roughly 67 years old before passing away. There have been attempts to pass down his spirit since way before Gentanis was born, but Pluto Otix would not deem them worthy.

Being born into the Spartix family, Genta was chosen by Pluto to be partners. In the Spartix, the women are protected by guardian spirits of past family members and later on fight alongside them as well. Though her magical ability was not as great as Plutos, it was still better than those around her. Not to mention she also had an ice affinity and not a dark one. Growing up with Pluto was beneficial for Gentanis, she became adept at close combat with Pluto's assistance and around ten began studying and developing her magical ability.

Through the Cygni, Geno has allowed his sister to travel back and forth into the Forest. At the age of 17, she's become a really pretty young woman, with a rather demonizing spirit always casting a watchful glare to any who glance at her with disrespect.


Genta is very skilled at close combat, though she is not too strong physically.

She doesn't have weapons but wields a localized dark aura that extends itself like a whip.

She's pretty good at magic, but only knows Ice (and dark magics through Pluto's powers).

Pluto wields a staff that seems to radiate dark energy.

Pluto rarely uses his own magical abilities, often just assisting Gentanis.

Pluto has been known to combine his energy with Genta's to enhance her powers greatly.

Though not directly a weakness, Pluto's power does become surpressed by strong holy energies.