Water cooler

FluidMan's not-so-distant relative.


FluidMan was created by altXanit (along with his brother ScrambleMan) to do something sinister with the Koniki clearing, but that never actually ended up happening, for some reason. Instead, he's offering his services as a water cooler, and can be found somewhere in the Inn, most of the time.


FluidMan is a robot master based on a water cooler. Yyyep. His head is a tall, plastic jug, and houses some free-floating water (as if by antigravity) containing his eyes, which aren't visibly connected to him in any way. They have eyelids, though, and they're almost always half-closed. When not in water cooler form, he's sort of tall and lanky, with hose-like arms, and the nozzles become his index fingers. He'd still have a water jug for a head, though. When in water cooler form, there is additionally a keyboard and input screen above the dispenser nozzles, with which patrons can type a fluid they wish to dispense. (for instance, if he's not currently active or awake)


FluidMan is a little slow and goes with the flow. In short, he's obsequeous. Basically, that means that he acts like your servant, even if he isn't. He doesn't often have an opposing opinion, and even if he did, he probably wouldn't speak up. When he does speak, it's in a bit of a slurring tone, and some of the words get mixed up into the next. He is, however, somewhat keen on small-talk, and is particularly trustworthy.


FluidMan can dispense any fluid, instantly, but must transport it from someplace. Patrons can request specific drinks by typing on his little screen above the nozzles, or just by asking him. With increasing speficity comes increasing rarity, and FluidMan has to get the liquid from someplace. For instance, when a patron recieved the "cup of virgin's blood" they asked for, a nearby Xanit suddenly and mysteriously suffered blood loss.

FluidMan can also create anti-gravity water, which he tends to use to swim/float around, rather than walk.