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I figured this was better than the sprite. Not so much disco king as regal space matador.


Half-Elf (Lifeless Being)


2700, or thereabouts.




Epnaos was once a shitty fancharacter from a copyrighted world--  mean, he was once a half-elf, the result of the union of a human and elf. He, along with the others of his kind, were hated and shunned by both races, and had no place in the world. He was chosen to ascend, along with many others, to become a "lifeless being" and live in a comet of mana as a pretend angel in an eternal body by sacrificing his soul to a gem embedded into his chest. What the hell? Then, the ascended half-elves, resentful towards the other races for their treatment, manipulated their religion and treated them like cattle, harvesting them for powerful soul gems... this is a load of crap.

With all that nonsense behind him, Epnaos is presently adjusting to his new knowledge of other worlds, after having spent thousands of years in that world. The dimensional crossroads of Koniki is a prime area to conduct study of other worlds' humans, elves, and other (heretofore unheard of) races.


He appears to be a tall, somewhat ambigous adult half-elf with medium black hair and solid green eyes. He almost always wears some kind of needlessly fancy periwinkle or purple outfit incorporating a large green gem, usually embedded in the chest. Wings of light stream from the area behind his shoulders.


Aloof and unaffiliated. He rarely gets involved with other people's affairs, but will observe if he's interested. He's somewhat vain, trying to keep up his appearance with everything he does, despite his... questionable fashion sense.


Epnaos can fly with those psychadelic wingalings he's got. Actually, they don't flap very much. Maybe he just floats because magic.

Epnaos is a crazy good destructive magician. I actually have a text file with all his known spells, just so I can remember them. Basically he can blow shit up with elemental magic.

He's also got a sort of familiar in this floating black glob that has a name I forgot, and can manipulate its qualities at will. For instance, he can stream it quickly across the area in front of him while it's sharp, or push it hard against something while it's dense. The glob is sensitive to magic, and will flip out when it comes into contact with fire or electricity, and may freeze at low temperatures.

Ostensibly an ability: His entire consciousness exists within the gem on his chest. The body that surrounds it is just a vessel for him to move in. He can change its apparent age, clothing, and hair at will. ...So I guess that means he's INTENTIONALLY looking like that. Welp.