Elaine Deschain grew up as the younger sister of Syriana Deschain. She is the youngest of the Deschain siblings and the least interested in the Deschain legacy. As a child, she witnesses her sister put into a situation by their father to either have him kill Elaine, or for Syriana to kill her own mother. Making the logical choice, and with her mother's blessing, Syriana killed her mother, something Elaine has never ever forgiven her for.

Growing up, Elaine could not get away from Deschain Manor and her legacy as a Deschain quick enough. Leaving at the earliest possible age, 16, she took a hefty portion of her inheritance and moved far, far away. She lost contact with her Sister over the years and had several of her own children with a man who ended up cheating on her and leaving her. Syriana desperately wishes to get to know her nieces and nephews, but is not allowed to see them by Elaine, who still harbors a large amount of resentment towards her.

Recently, she has started a legal war with her sister over rights to the estate, a battle that is going poorly for her, but is still going strong. Frusterated by the lack of legal progress she was making, she conspired to have some hired guns to kidnap Syriana, attempting to force her to sign her rights to the estate over. After several days of enhanced interrogation Aristaqis and Eggy rescued Syriana. Syriana then stopped Aristaqis from killing her and informed her that, while she regretted how their relationship had turned out, she still considered her her sister and would like to improve it. They have not talked since.


Energy Tranference: Elaine has the ability to manipulate pockets of intense energy, usually used to form balls of energy that she can throw and explode after throwing them.


Elaine is the only Deschain currently in their family to not have recieved proper Gunslinger training, and thus has no handgun.