Full Name: Collin Vandiov 

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Place of Birth: The Void

The BeginningEdit

Collin was born in a rift between light and darkness known to him as The Void. It was a very desolate place, as their house was always surrounded in a perpetual fog. This is where Collin and his family lived: His mother, father, and his sister, Cheryn, who dreamed of traveling anywhere but where she was. This adventurous spirit soon spread to Collin as well. Collin began to study, everywhere he thought possible, even reading the forbidden tomes his parents strictly instructed him not to. This was how Collin learned to manipulate the powers of light and darkness, and eventually learned to create portals by manipulating darkness around light and shooting the light along a designated path. Cheryn learned of this, and became infuriated, for she thought that Collin had learned of this from their parents, who had not taught her either. This drove her to insanity, as she killed their mother, and gravely wounded their father, threatening death to him if he did not tell her how to use the same power. He, naturally, had no idea of what she was talking about. Collin came back home to see his mother dead on the ground, her throat cut, and her sister walking away from stabbing their father. Collin quickly ran back out the door, trying to get away from her. She gave chase, angered and jealous of his ability, clutching the same knife she used to kill their parents. Collin managed to create a portal, trying to imagine a safe haven to get away from where he was. As a paradise appeared in his mind, a sudden shock went through him, as Cheryn stabbed him at the neck, beside his shoulder. Collin yanked the knife out, tackling his way into the portal, and slamming the ground on the other side in the Clearing of a strange world...

Character Abilities, Appearance, and PersonalityEdit

Having the powers of both light and darkness, Collin was able to manipulate nearly everything in The Void. However, his powers are much more restricted on Koniki. He would normally be able to summon any weapon he would desire, but now the most he can create is usually in the form of a white and black blade, usually a katana or some such weapon. He can cloud himself in a dark mist, or shoot out a ray of light that does little more than send a shock through the target. He will typically dress lightly and colorless, so as not to restrict his movement, usually a black or white t-shirt and jeans. He keeps his hair cut short enough to stay out of his eyes, but just barely. He is kindhearted and tries whenever possible to help those around him, but due to his weak and timid nature, it usually ends up coming the other way around...