"The night draws near."



Age Appearance:



17 ft.



General InformationEdit

  • Appearance: The upper part of him has bronze-gold colored skin, covered with thin yet hard scales, though those are difficult to see. His face is somewhat of a combination of reptile and human, though he is still handsome even with his odd features. His lower body is far longer with hard black scales and a dull yellow underbelly. His eyes are emerald-green with slit pupils, and his mid-neck length hair is as black as the scales on his tail. He also has a jagged scar on his back going from his right shoulder to his left hip. He typically either goes about with a simple red-cloth sash around his waist, or when it is colder he has a fine jacket of the same color. When he is engaged in combat, two long and deadly blades grow out from each of his arms, and he has been known to be a very deadly adversary in battle.


In his homeland, Ciel was a prince over nagas in his country. He never wanted to be a cruel and unjust leader, and as a result often journeyed from the castle in disguise to mingle with the people under his rule, to see what their lives were like. He even once spent twenty years living in the countryside, helping an old, blind naga keep his farm. He was loved by those he ruled and was known far and wide as a kind and understanding ruler.

Unfortunately, even the kindest rulers have enemies. One night the castle was attacked, the king and queen and a number of servants killed. However some of the servants managed to help Ciel escape, and for a number of months he lived in secret among the people, plotting his revenge on his family's attackers and how he might take back his throne. He managed to find a few of his family's knights that had also escaped and conspired with them, and one night they attacked the attackers! Though one thing they had not been aware of was that they had a sorceress working with them, and the last thing Ciel saw was a bright flash of light before he was transported to a place he didn't know.

He has since resided at the inn, but is keeping his true identity a secret, aware that while he is still alive, there are still others that might come for him to kill him to keep him from taking back his rightful throne.