South City Edit

South City is composed of five districts:

The Diamond District, where the majority of businesses and residential apartments reside. It is the main commercial hub of the city, loaded with merchants of all kinds. Among the more well-known establishments are The Inferno, Metals By J, The Pet Shop and Alexander Tower, which used to hold Alexander Gaming, Inc., the largest video gaming company around.  

The Warehouse District, where every major company (and some of the nefarious organizations) keep their prized possessions and wares. Dionysus' organization still has some strongholds there, but Dante cleared his out after the North City Occupation. It was the most crime-ridden area until the Occupation, but since then, very little has gone on.

The Capitol District, the political center of the city. During the Gang War, half the district was blown up and Nicolai Vindali moved his militia in. It remained occupied by them until North City's soldiers launched an attack and eliminated Vindali's gang, while the militia leader himself went missing.

The Old Suburbs, the primary residential area outside of the Diamond District. Neighborhoods and family homes make up the landscape here, but when the Gang War started, most fled the city. Those who stayed behind found cultists moving in and their homes become part of the isolation area set up by the North City soldiers. It is now home to the former cultists of Chimera, now referring to themselves as the sons of Greymane;

The New Community, on the outskirts of the city, where the bulk of the citizens still in the city live. Ting and others helped build the new homes and neiborhoods among the trees that border the forest. It is a new development, started just after the Cult of Chimera took root in the Old Suburbs, where most of the people lived.

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