• Sentaistriker

    So I feel like I should walk back what I started with. I need to give a bit more depth on the whole wrestling = freeform RP concept. At its core, both these things deeply embody storytelling, often in its basest forms. Neither is very interesting without that. And to that end, wrestling results to some tactics that can be applied, to some degree, and with some adjustment, to RP.

    So today I want to talk about the basics of getting reactions from characters.

    It's all a matter of what you show to other people, and how to get them to react or respond in the way you want them to, so you can show them something fun or create interesting participation.

    The ultimate goal of a wrestler is to "get over." This means getting the crowd to react the way yo…

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  • Sentaistriker

    I've been watching a lot of wrestling lately. It's become a pretty strong kick.

    I find pro wrestling to be in some ways a great analogue to freeform RP.

    Wait, wait.

    Come back, hear me out.

    Pro wrestling is improvisation toward telling a story. It takes more than one person to do successfully.

    When pro wrestling successfully works, two people improvise toward an expected goal of telling an interesting narrative. (Freeform doesn’t always keep this in mind, which I think I’ll cover at another time.) The two people (or three, or four, or six, or more) generally trust each other, despite any outward terms, and are at least on a professional level when offscreen (or out of character.) They may deliver “promos,” or speeches, designed to frame whatever…

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