Alex is a Fae Changeling, at birth she switched with a human child and left to grow up in her stead, believing herself to be fully human, of course, when the time came and her heritage started to kick in, her mother, being Fae herself, decided to play a little.."Joke", she concocted some story and placed Alyx's sister (Emma) in her care, not mentioning that she was, in fact, not human..Alyx, who had suddenly grown wings and had a Fae child to look after, panicked and fled, leaving Emma all alone. Her mother decided to continue the "joke". Leading Alyx to believe she was being chased by the Fae Queen herself until eventually she met Syriana Deschain in a tavern, followed her to the inn. Soon after, Emma was sent some point her mother will come along to let her in on the joke......


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Flight- Obviously, Optimised for maneuverability rather than speed, She can fly in tight quarters easily as well as maintain a hover without any real effort.

Small Electrical and Wind control- Not very Powerful, but with fine control.

Can summon Blizzards, and Thunderstorms..

Glamour-Though she doesn't really use it much.