Yes, it IS just an inverted version of the image I used on Xanit's page. Read the appearance first, and you'll get the joke.


AltXanit probably existed in alternate dimensions for as long as Xanit has existed in the non-alternate dimensions. He currently serves as AltKoniki's news anchor, broadcasting ostensibly interesting information to all who tune in. He has a family, or at least is in touch with his mother, who is a violent psychopath. He loves her, anyway.


AltXanit is a catboy, which means that he's basically a normal human, but with cat ears and a tail. He's young, around 12-14 years old, has dark skin, medium-short white hair, and red eyes. He always wears the same outfit -- an open, white overshirt with long sleeves, a green shirt under that, and orange jeans. His shoes are made out of quartz.


AltXanit is slow, uninterested, and unfriendly. He's not one to let his emotions known, if he even has any. Perhaps the unfriendly and terrible nature of the altKoniki clearing has taught him to close his heart. Unlike Xanit, he's somewhat down-to-earth, but the strange circumstances of his family and altKoniki don't show this too well. He's also a bit of an optimist and tries to make the best of things. He never smiles, though.


AltXanit is, like Xanit, an inventor of strange things. His mechanical monstrosities don't necessarily adhere to the laws of physics. He came up with the grappling hook that allows its user to swing off nothing before Xanit implemented the idea for his own gains.

AltXanit himself shows no personal abilities regarding physics, magic, or the fourth wall.